The Key to Realtor Safety

September is Real Estate Agent Safety Month!

As with any industry, the Real Estate industry has its own unique sets of risks and concerns. Being vigilant about your safety and taking necessary precautions can prevent unnecessary risks.

Here are some tips that can keep you and your clients safe!

  1. Be aware of surroundings.  Proactively learn as much as possible on the people and possible animals associated with each property showing. Continually conduct risk assessments.
  2. Put phone down when driving. Agents spend a lot of time communicating. However, talking and texting on the phone while driving is dangerous.
  3. Have a buddy. When you host open houses or meet clients for showings, have an assistant or another person with you, if possible.
  4. Always let someone know where you are. For showings, tell someone the client’s name and contact information, showing address and estimated time on site. Have a response plan that escalates in force should you not return within a given amount of time.
  5. Have clients fill out information forms. NAR has free downloadable resources, including a prospect information form, which you can customize and use. The form collects important identifying information that should be kept on file at your office.

To read more about how you can keep yourself safe, CLICK HERE!

The National Association of Realtors is an incredible resource to turn to for risk awareness and safety. Please visit to take advantage of all the tools, videos, and resources available to you!

Realtor Safety
Realtor Safety

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