Be a Life Saver – In One Day!

Join Keller Williams Classic Realty in the Run for the Water! Keller Williams International, in partnership with the Gazelle Foundation, will be coordinating Fun Runs throughout the entire U.S. on November 1, 2015. Through this event, we will be able to save the life of many Burundians!

Keller Williams learned the story of Gilbert Tuhabonye, at our 2013 Family Reunion event. He comes from the extremely impoverished country of Burundi. Mo Anderson, our Vice Chairman of the Board, interviewed Gilbert and learned about his life story of perseverance and his mission to help his home country.

For each Run for the Water registration, Keller Williams and the Gazelle Foundation will be able to provide clean water for one Burundian FOR LIFE! Think of the impact we can make! All in one day!

To find out more information about Gilbert Tuhabonye and his story, pleaseĀ CLICK HERE

The video below will tell you more about the Gazelle Foundation and what it’s doing to help provide clean water to all Burundians.

Run for the Water - Safe a Life
Run for the Water – Save a Life

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