Do The Right Thing

Keller Williams has quite the unique culture – we strongly believe and adhere to our WI4C2Ts and above all doing the right thing. Our Vice Chairman of the Board, Mo Anderson, shared with us a powerful story that shaped her career and path to success.

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In Summary, Mo Anderson was early in her Real Estate career and was struggling to meet a goal. By fate – she had the opportunity to achieve her goal, and passed on the opportunity to because she felt doing the right thing was more important. Her convictions repaid her ten fold as the other associate felt the same way and believed she deserved the sale. Mo was able to achieve her goal and it propelled her to amazing success.

Keller Williams prides itself on the strong culture that has been cultivated among its leadership and associates. We strongly believe in our Mission: To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living; our Value: God, Family, then Business; and our Vision: To be the real estate company of choice for real estate associates and their clients. We also hold strongly to our tenants in the WI4C2Ts:

KW WI4C2TS - Do The Right Thing
Keller Williams WI4C2TS

To learn more about Keller Williams and how you can become a part of our amazing culture – please call 407.292.5400!

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